The Man From Nowhere - Blu-ray 2-Pack

The Man From Nowhere - Blu-ray 2-Pack

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Upon learning of a cancer diagnosis, a New York Times best-selling author (Nick Searcy) pens his final book in a last-ditch attempt to reconnect with his estranged son Jake (Seth Bowling) before it's too late. His novel, The Man From Nowhere, spins a noir tale of throwback detective Johnny Gamble (Anthony Tyler Quinn) desperately searching for a lost son who has turned to a life of crime. Fiction and reality begin to blur for Jake as he finds himself interacting with both detective Gamble and his father, now a Christian, who shows up at his door and refuses to leave until the two can heal from their painful past.

Includes English Subs & CC. Runtime 80min. Special Features: Commentary with Director Matt Green, Director of Photography Jefferson Henson, and Editor Peter Shickle.

"The film shows a beautiful picture of the healing and restoration that can happen between a father and son." - Jason Noble, Advance Team Films

"Cinematically beautiful and incredibly creative in its use of the dual storylines, 'The Man From Nowhere' has shown the power it has to move people." - Rev. Jacob Sahms,

"I love a great redemption story! This movie combines my favorite themes... changed hearts, forgiveness and relationships redeemed." - Mario D’Ortenzio Founder, Death2Life

"Under the sensitive direction of Matt Green, ‘The Man From Nowhere’ explores that central human problem—reconciliation after pain." - Dr. Grant Horner, Author, Meaning at the Movies 

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