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Upon learning of a cancer diagnosis, a New York Times best-selling author (Nick Searcy) pens his final book in a last-ditch attempt to reconnect with his estranged son Jake (Seth Bowling) before it's too late. His novel, The Man From Nowhere, spins a noir tale of throwback detective Johnny Gamble (Anthony Tyler Quinn) desperately searching for a lost son who has turned to a life of crime. Fiction and reality begin to blur for Jake as he finds himself interacting with both detective Gamble and his father, now a Christian, who shows up at his door and refuses to leave until the two can heal from their painful past.

The Man From Nowhere is the first feature film from Filmbandit Productions and The Master's University.

"The film shows a beautiful picture of the healing and restoration that can happen between a father and son."
- Jason Noble, Advance Team Films

"The Man From Nowhere is about fathers and sons, the power of forgiveness, and the beauty of a transformed life. All of us at The Master's University are thrilled with this film. It shows how followers of Christ really do have the best, most hopeful stories to tell. I highly recommend you watch this movie with your family."
- Dr. Sam Horn, President of The Master's University and Seminary

"Cinematically beautiful and incredibly creative in its use of the dual storylines, The Man From Nowhere has shown the power it has to move people."
- Rev. Jacob Sahms,

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